Sunday, April 19, 2015

Morticia Addams, Dracula, and Edgar Allan Poe Walk Into A Bar...

 Wow, it's really been a while since I've updated my blog! Besides alchemically transforming fatty acid into soap, conjuring up delightful scents and (sometimes noxious) potions, wandering the wild woods seeking the meaning of life, scaring neighborhood children (I jest!), invoking the spirit of Anne Boleyn and channeling Stevie Nicks, I've opened up a real life brick-and-mortar store! The stars aligned and it seemed the time was upon me to spread my wings and rise from the (alchemy and) ashes! 

ALCHEMY & ASHES ~ A VINTAGE EMPORIUM is located in the oldest plaza here in my hometown of Land O' Lakes, Florida. As a teenager, I couldn't wait to leave this small town. Alas, I kept coming back to my roots here in the swamp, and now am a proud small business owner in what is now not such a small town! 

Inspired By History, Myth, and Magic
Imagine, if you will, that Morticia Addams set up a tent at the Renaissance Faire. Or that Count Dracula invited you for tea (and a little "necking"...get it?!). Or that you were to be Edgar Allan Poe's proofreader. That's the spirit in which my items are curated, and which they are offered. I specialize in Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, and Bohemian style items. No straight lines. No modern Ikea-style furniture.
 Gaudy? Perhaps. Ornate? Yes. Titillating? Absolutely.

Curious Curios
Besides a wonderous selection of my handcrafted soaps, perfumes and colognes, lip balms, and other herbal products, you can also feast your eyes and delight your senses perusing the large selection of what I have lovingly termed "reincarnated acquisitions" - items found in my gypsy-style travels to thrift stores, estate sales, junk dealers, private collectors, and highly secret deposits of treasures ("one man's trash...") and then "reincarnated" - painted, upcycled, or just cleaned up with elbow grease and magic. A selection of rare, curious, and and obscure vintage and antique possessions, handcrafted candles, incense, candle holders and mirrors have been hand picked and carefully curated. Lovers of all things old and beautiful will find something they must leave with. 

Entrez à vos risques et périls
The Gypsy's Trunk
Shawnee Chic
Victorian Gold
1930's Medicine Cabinet & Antique Poison Bottles
Perfumes & Colognes
Fragrance Samplers
Antique Victorian Era Corset and Button Hooks

I'm offering consignment terms to local artists, and as the shop grows, will hopefully be able to offer a selection of herbs and essential oils, and if there's enough interest, classes and lectures on metaphysical, spiritual, cultural, and mythological subjects (Tarot reading? Crystal Ball Gazing? Runes? You just never can tell...) ...and perhaps a night of Victorian parlour-style ghost story telling by candlelight. 

Burke & Hare Co Handmade Candles

If you've made it this far in this post, and your spirit has been piqued and your senses heightened, then please come visit the shop - browse without pushy sales folk (because there isn't one), have a cup of coffee, smell some soap, ask some questions and quell your curiosity. And for the love of all that's holy, buy something. Prices range from $2 to $1800, so there really is something for everyone. I've got rent to pay, and they won't barter for soap...

French Quarter Voodoo 19th Century Black Lager Soap and The Conjured Kiss Lip Alchemy